Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Man died in theater watching Telugu horror film

Hyderabad: C. Amarnath 55-year-old from Attapur, died in theater while watching a Telugu horror film on Friday.

Amaranth the private tutor went to the theater to watch the movie Raju Gari Gadi in the morning show alone to the Metro Theatre at Bahadurpura. There were very few people in the theater hall.

After the movie the staff found Amaranth still on his seat and thought he was sleeping they tried to wake him up and found him dead. The theatre manager Ameer informed to the police.

During the investigation it came to know that the other audiences saw him going out in the interval but did not get up after the movie they thought that he was sleeping and left the hall.

It also came to know that Amarnath had been in depression as his son and elder daughter committed suicide a year ago due her in laws harassment.

Bahadurpura inspector Harish Kaushik said “He might have died due to a cardiac arrest. The theatre staff who were cleaning the hall after the show, found him in the seat. They realised that he was dead and informed the police,” and booked a case under Section 174. His body is send for autopsy.