Thursday , May 25 2017
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105-year-old Pakistani finally performs Hajj

After saving money for almost 15 years, Noor Mohammed, a 105-year-old Pakistani pilgrim, has finally made it to Makkah to perform Hajj.

“My repeated failures to perform Hajj did not deter me. I continued my struggle to save money and embark on the journey of the lifetime,” he told Al-Hayatnewspaperon Thursday.

“The Hajj costs were increasing year after year. Every time I tried to collect enough money, I would fail because of the difficult financial conditions of my family,” he said.

Mohammed said he was only able to save the Hajj money at this old age.

“When I crossed 100, I was able to save the required amount of money to accomplish my life-long dream,” he said.

He said when he arrived in Saudi Arabia for the first time, he discovered Hajj was not as difficult as he used to think.

Mohammed said his friends, who are all dead now, used to speak to him about hardships and difficulties during the Hajj.

“The facilities I have seen have obliterated the old distorted picture I used to have about the Hajj,” he added.

Mohammed said Hajj had become easy, especially for the old people like him.

“It is now easy to move between the holy sites. It is also easy to perform the rites. This is contrary to the picture I have conjured about the Hajj for many years,” he said.

The article originally appeared onSaudi Gazette