Wednesday , May 24 2017
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7.9 lakh bogus voters in GHMC: Feroz Khan

Telugu Desam Party has alleged that ruling TRS is planning to win the Municipal Corporation elections with the help of bogus voters. Party leader Mohammed Feroz Khan alleged that names of 7.9 bogus voters have been included in Greater Hyderabad limits and it is being conspired to use those bogus names in favour of TRS and Majlis. He challenged the government to face the GHMC elections after deleting the names of those 7.9 lakh names from the list of voters. He claimed that every 10th name in the voter list is bogus, the proof of which has been presented to Election Commission. In this situation he has expressed doubts on the fair and free conduct of GHMC elections.

Feroz Khan has alleged TRS and local political party’s connivance in inclusion of lakhs of bogus names in voters’ list. He also alleged that both the parties have changed the boundaries of municipal wards so that they can win elections. Feeling that the change of boundaries is unnecessary, he claimed that in new wards voters have been divided on the basis of religion so that both the parties could gain in the elections.

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