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6th December the saddest day in Indian history

Today, 6th December 2015 is the 23rd anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, one of the saddest day in Indian history. The issue of historical Babri Masjid at Ajodhya is still unresolved even after 23 years of long period. The Babri Masjid was demolished on December 6, 1992 by anti minority, anti social, anti national and irreligious people who were certainly not True Hindus. Hindu religion does not teach its followers to demolish or to disrespect other religions or other religious places. A true Hindu follower would certainly not go against any other religion. The culprits involved in the demolition are certainly ignorant about Hinduism and in fact by doing this, they have tried to tarnish the religious image of Hinduism.  No religion in the world teaches to go against other religions.

All the Political, Non-Political, National and International Organizations Worldwide have strongly condemned this shameful and inhuman act which is certainly not lesser than a heinous crime. But unfortunately, no action has been taken against the culprits and the Babri Masjid Structure has been kept as it is after the demolition. Two emergent actions were needed soon after the demolition of the mosque, firstly, to reinstate the structure of the mosque with constructions and repairing the damages and secondly, to catch the real culprits and punish them according to the law.

When minorities made representations to the then government, it was agreed that the mosque would be reinstated with new constructions at the same site and stern action would be taken against the culprits. It was the dire need of the hour for both the state government and the government at the Centre to implement their actions positively as committed. Both the state and the central government should have initiated their actions immediately. It was a different issue whether to allow Muslims to perform the prayers at the Mosque site as the matter has been in the court of law to decide and undoubtedly, every citizen has to respect the decision of the court with no second thought.

Political and religious leaders in the minority community are also to be blamed and responsible for their ineffective approach and difference of opinion that led to disunity and weakened their representations that was to ensure the main issue of reinstating the Babri Mosque Structure at the same site.

Also, It is very unfortunate and a matter of serious concern that leaders who were involved in this most shameful act of demolition have become national leaders and proudly serving their political parties as well as the government that shows the mockery of the system we follow.

The Indian  Minorities do not lose their hopes, expects Justice and confident about the Constitution of India and its Judiciary System that have been a great protection and never allowed any communal card being used by communal parties and their leaders to deprive the fundamental  rights of the minorities. The communal parties leaders even if they try to misuse the constitution, they cannot touch or make amendment and that is the real beauty of our constitution and every  citizen of our nation salute it. India is neither a Hindu Nation, Nor a Muslim Nation. It is a secular state and the true Indian Citizens respect it, ready to die for it and firmly believe in fraternity & National Integrity.

Very rightly in his recent speech, The Honorable president , Pranab Mukherjee said that one should clean his mind. The real dirt not on the road but it is in the mind and it should be cleaned in order to keep the Indian Society and its environment healthy and strong. The Real Swatch Bharath mission must be the beginning of a much larger effort to cleanse minds and fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s vision in all its respects.

Mohammed Aleemuddin Farooqui

Hyderabad – India

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