Tuesday , May 30 2017
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50th Indian Orthodontic​ ​Conference concludes

The 50th Indian Orthodontic Conference concluded here in city today at HICC.

About 2,500 delegates from across India and abroad attended the three day conference. On concluding day on Sunday, city Orthodontist Dr. G Chandra Sekhar was elected as a Nation President of Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS) for the year 2017.

While he got elected another Telugu man Dr. Gangadhara Prasad K from Vizag took over as National President of IOS for 2016. Dr G Chandra Sekhar is working In Hyderabad as Professor Orthodontics at Pasnaniya Dental College. Dr Gangadhara Prasad works with Gitam in Vizag.

IOS has celebrated its Holden Jubilee Conference in city. It has 6000 members from across India.

Orthodontics is the one of the earliest specialties of Dentistry. Indian Orthodontic Community one of the biggest in the Worlds after USA.

The Conference which concluded today was a landmark conference as it was the Golden Jubilee year of the organization.  So to mark the occasion and celebrate the same, the theme of the conference was aptly put as “”celebrating 50 golden years of creating smiles”.

The milestone Golden Jubilee conference which was hosted by AP & Telangana Orthodontic Professionals.

The world’s best speakers along with the eminent Indian speakers were there to share their knowledge, expertise and experience during these three days.

“The 50th IOC, Hyderabad”, is considered to be the biggest ever such meet of the Orthodontic professionals.

An orthodontist is a specialist who has undergone special training in a dental school or college after he/she has graduated in dentistry. The specialty deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of mal positioned teeth and the jaws.

Some of the International & National Speakers who spoke during these three days include Dr. V.P. Jayade; Dr. MK Prakash; Dr. Ravindra Nanda; Dr. Ravindra Sable; Dr. O.P. Kharbanda; Dr. Girish Karandikar; Dr. Yuki Sato Yamamoto; Dr. Vinod Verma; Dr. Ronald Hathway; Dr. Eric Liou; Dr. Peter A Mossey.  These speakers are drawn from Singapore, UK, USA, China and many such countries.  They discuss many subjects of great importance to the fraternity and society at large. (INN)