Sunday , May 28 2017
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5,013 Illegal expats arrested in Madinah Munawwarah

In a series of raids over the past weeks, Saudi officials have arrested around 5,013 illegal expats of different nationalities in Madinah in the month of Safar.

According to Arab News, the total number of illegal expats arrested in Madinah alone stands to 5,013. The raids also took place across Tabuk and Jeddah, including the market place, malls, and streets and at police checkpoints .

Madinah police Chief Maj. Gen. Abdul Hadi Al-Shahrani said his force arrested expatriates, who have violated the labor and immigration regulations.

The suspects include workers without iqamas, persons with professions not mentioned in their iqamas, those working for different sponsors, runaway workers and also illegal vendors hawking at public market places.

“The number of those arrested in Madinah since the campaign began has reached 104,7880 ”, and those who arrested would be deported after a formal inquiry to ascertain the degree of their offenses”, said an officials.

The deportation of illegal workers is “vital for the country’s stability and prosperity, and the raids were carried out with cooperation of all relevant government agencies”, said Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Al Sooli, director general of Makkah Police.