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45 Dalits convert to Islam, detained by police after VHP goons attack them

New Delhi: Police detained around 45 Dalit men from Haryana when right wing extremists (VHP) attacked their them after they declared their  conversion to Islam here on Saturday afternoon.  While the police allegedly let off   the attackers and took away Dalit converts to Tughalaqbad police station  in the name of providing them safety. Dalit men and women, who hail from Bhagana village in Hissar district of Haryana, came all along to the national capital to discard their ancestral religion in protest against continued atrocities upon them heaped by the caste Hindus.

Monika Bangaria (in the middle).

The conversion and protest programme held at Jantar Mantar area which just a furlong away from the national parliament.  All the Dalits, who embraced Islam, said with firm belief that they will remain steadfast in their new faith as Islam strictly preaches human equality and respect to its followers. They all recited Kalimah Shahada loudly to join the fold of Islam and also offered Namaz publicly.

Talking to Muslim Mirror Satish Kajra  a protester from Bhagana  said that ‘they they will never return to Hindu religion again as being Hindu means permanent humiliation, and they no more want to be humiliated at any cost.

Ramphal Jangda, Jagdish Kajra, Vijendra Singh Bagoda Manoj Kumar also expressed the same feelings when asked about their returning back to Hinduism once their demands were met.

When Muslim Mirror quizzed many of them, they said they will die but not leave the new faith. Young Monica Bangaria  a Delhi University  student who also hails form Bhagana  told the Muslim Mirror, that her community members were impressed by the equality in Muslim society.  When she was reminded that even many Muslims (due to ignorance or under the influence Hindu society) practice evil practice of human inequality? She replied, “We know about it but Muslims never discriminate anybody during dining or in other matters, they eat together and mingle without any rancor, and pray namaz together they do not hate people because of their birth in certain families.”

Coming down heavily on the caste system in Hindu religion, she said whenever Dalit members sought help from other Hindus for rescuing them from atrocities; nobody came forward to help them.

At around 6 pm a group of 12-25  VHP  goons attacked them  tried to disturb their  Dharna . Later police took all the male Dalits to  Tughlak Road Police Station .

Many  Dalits said it is their birth and constitutional rights to accept any faith of their choice. “We cannot cow down by such attacks, they (VHP) never come to our rescue when we were being subjected to worst form inhuman treatment and atrocities.”

Monica said if someone changes his/her religion without coercion or greed, it is his/her Constitutional rights, and all the newly converts won’t going back to their old fold.

Publicly conversion of Dalit to Islam is being seen as a big slap on the “Ghar Wapsi” campaign launched by the Sangh Parivar after the BJP came to power last  year.

By evening police detained all male members who came to protest and converted to Islam later .Only female members are seen at the deserted make-shift.



–Courtesy “Muslim Mirror”