Tuesday , May 30 2017
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31- year-old Paw Eh, Dallas women tried to Poison her three children

31 year old Paw Eh mother of three children in Texas accused of trying to force her children to ingest ant poison.

Paw Eh allegedly fed poison to her four-year- old son and was unsuccessful to make her seven-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl swallow the same potentially lethal

The police arrived at the home in Lake Highlands. Eh has no prior criminal history in Dallas. The police rushed the four year old to the hospital and got stabilized.

She planned to kill her and her two siblings before killing herself. The 12-year-old told police,the girl also said that the mother put ant poison on a spoon with water and tried to force her four-year-old to drink but the boy kept his mouth closed when he refused to drink the liquid,the mother slapped him on the cheek and forced the poison into his mouth.

The two older children were handed over to family members on Saturday night, and they are in (CPS)Child protective Services custody.

Eh’s neighbors were shocked by the incident one of the EU’s neighbour said that Eh was suffering from medical problems and sometimes fasil to remember what happened the next day. Her husband too visits her rarely due to her health issues.

Eh has been charged with attempted capital murder and her bail was set at $500,000.