Friday , May 26 2017
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27-YEAR-OLD Agra woman recorded her suicide on mobile phone.

Agra: Neha Yadav the 27-YEAR-OLD a resident of Dayalbagh in Agra recorded her suicide on her mobile phone on Sunday.

Neha called her husband Yatesh Yadav, on Sunday from a neighbour’s phone and told him that he would not be able to see her again and returned to her home. Then she recorded her statement and hanged herself from the ceiling. She also left a suicide note.

After the call Yatesh rushed to the home and was shocked to see her dead. At the moment he took her suicide note and the mobile phone and fled away . The neighbours called up the police and gave the information that Yatesh had fled with some evidence.

Later Yatesh had a conversation with the police over the phone and said that he fled because he had panicked. He also forwarded the copy of the suicide note via WhatsApp. And he blamed his in-laws for Neha’s death.

He said. “Her father has two wives. She was born to his second wife. They used to mistreat her. They left her in an Etawah hospital unattended when she was unwell. They used to torture her emotionally. She has said in her suicide note that her parents shouldn’t be allowed to see her. I’ll soon register a case against them.”

Till now Yatesh did not meet the police officials personally. But he claimed that Neha used to hate her parents.

The investigating officer JN Asthana said.“The picture of suicide note cannot be accepted officially. The police will reach to a conclusion when he comes forward and hands over the suicide note and the video-recording of the incident.”