Saturday , May 27 2017
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22 injured in techie’s sword attack, police shoots attacker

Kareem Nagar: A 28-year-old software engineer on Tuesday left 22 people including his parents and three constables injured in a frenzied sword attack. He was finally shot by police.

According to Kareemnagar Deputy Superintendent of Police J Rama Rao, Balvinder Singh alias Babloo (28) had a row with his parents at 7 AM, at his house located at Laxmi Nagar locality in Kareemnagar town. Following altercations he attacked his parents with a sword. Then he went out of his house wielding the sword and began randomly attacking passers-by including the policemen who tried to stop him. As a result an auto driver and dozens of people suffered serious injuries. Condition of parents and the auto driver is said to be critical.

Subsequently, police opened fire and Balvinder was then taken into custody and shifted to the hospital where he died within three hours of being admitted. Balvinder was working in a company in Bangalore.

Further investigations are underway.