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2000 rich and famous Jains to become Monks for one day

Over 2,000 Jain CEOs, Industrialists, Businessmen and Professionals in Hyderabad will lead a rigorous life of ‘Jain Monks here in Kachiguda on September 6th (Sunday).

They will leave all their daily comforts, stay away from homes in the presence of their Jain Gurus Shri Vinay Muni alias Verghese, Gautam Muni, Sanja Muni and Sagar Muni.

“They will not use for a day, all modern day comforts, luxuries such as mobile phones, cars, use of far, AC. Will spend a full day with begged food in prayers, silence, meditation and spirituality,” disclosed Jain Gurus Shri Vinay Muni alias Verghese, Gautam Muni, Sanja Muni and Sagar Muni and others while addressing a press conference here in city on Friday at Shri Poonamchand Gandhi Jain Shank in Kachiguda here.

All those who join in Bikshu Daya will sport a monk’s attire, dhoti, carrying a special broom.

The daylong 7 AM to 10 PM function will be held at Shri Poonamchand Gandhi Jain Sthanka, Opposite to Kachiguda Railway Station, Kachiguda Informed Prakashchand Lodha, President Kanthilalji Pitiliya, Secretary of Sri Vardhaman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, Greater Hyderabad under whose aegis this program was organised.

Months beginning from July to October are considered holy months for Jains. During this period, Jains become more pious, do rigorous fasting, attend religious meetings, and are more into spirituality. Some even give up night meals, just surviving on water.

This time around city’s 2000 Jains who are into various businesses and professions will give up all their personal comforts for a day. Sporting a monk’s attire, they will carry a special broom to sweep any insects that may cross their path. They will wear a cloth over the mouth to prevent accidental harm to airborne germs and insects. They will not use electricity as it involves violence informed Pavan Kathariya, President and Prashanth Kocheta, Secretary of Sri Vardhaman Jain Yuva Sanghatan.

Furthermore, they will not use any devices or machines, spending full day in prayers and service. They will take retreat for a day in busy life to sport a role of a monk. And experience the lifestyle of the monk. The hardships of jain monks are best known only when you are a monk. And that is what we want people of this modern age to experience so as to enable us to take back them to our roots, they informed.

The day will start with a prarthan (morning prayer) and peace rally and will conclude with pratikrman(asking for forgiveness to every living being in this world). First an oath will be given to lead a life of jain monk for 13hours. Then the participants will wear white robes called cholpata & dupatti. A mask will be put up on the mouth which is termed muhapati. Then they become bikshus. During this one day bhikshus learnt to break the barriers of worldly attachments and desires so as to assist in the liberation of the soul because every living being on the earth suffers from various obstacles and pain due to his wrong doings in the past. In order to safeguard our future, bhikshus are taught not to cause harm to any living being. They will be taught samayika, a type of meditation to help gain internal control of thoughts as they influence behavior actions and goals.

They will also be taught bhramacharya by refraining from indulgence in sexual activity in order to gain control over the senses.

They will go in search door to door for food which is called bhiksha. The boxes in which they carry food is called patras and food collected in them is called gochari is consumed at prayer hall and not a small piece of grain is wasted or thrown to safeguard interests of those who are in need of food. Bhikshus were strictly prohibited from wearing any footwear even at extreme climatic conditions to respect all those animals whose skin is mercilessly torn out and used. The rigorous Diksha will end with pratikraman (asking for forgiveness to every living being in this world) and taking oath not to harm any living being on this earth during his lifetime. Finally they will pay their tribute to the Lord and take blessings from their gurus and left prayer hall.

The modern day business and personal life is full of stress and tension. There is a progress but, there is ‘no peace of mind’. Worries and tension everywhere. Lord Mahaveera preaching become very pertinent here. Bhikshu Daya is a concept in which a person enjoying luxuries in daily life cannot leave his family, comforts and become a monk for the whole life. Therefore, Jain community has brought out a golden opportunity for such people to lead a life of a monk for a day informed Manoj Kothari, Media Convenor for the program.

Though Jains have a tradition, but, not many youth follow. It is even more rare in present day circumstances. But, now some CEOs of major businesses, professionals would take a day of silent retreat as ordained by Jain monks. This is to remind them to be humble in spirit and anchor themselves in sobriety. (INN)