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19- year-old Palestinian teenager killed by Israeli soldiers in Bethlehem

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19-year-old Malik Shahin was killed on Tuesday. when Israeli soldiers stormed the refugee camp, which is located just south of Bethlehem, during a detention raid.

According to locals, the Palestinian youths engaged in the fight with Israeli troops. Malek Shahin protested against the arrest of two men when he was killed.

Shahin was critically injured,he was shot in the head and later died due to his gunshot wounds. Several other Palestinians were also wounded in the fight.

The Israeli army said it opened fire after protesters attacked them with pipe bombs.

Shahin’s death and funeral later prompted a protest, as mourners joined the funeral procession and chanted slogans condemning the Israeli violations against the Palestinians. They marched towards the historic Rachel’s Tomb, where the confrontation with the Israeli military kicked off.

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has been referred to as the world’s “most intractable conflict”.

At least 105 Palestinians, including suspected attackers, unarmed bystanders and protesters were killed on 1stOctober. And in stabbing or shooting incidents nearly 19 Israelis and one US citizen have been killed.

Despite repeated attempts to end the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, there is no peace settlement in sight.