Sunday , May 28 2017
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19 students detained at RGI airport

19 students of Telangana who arrived at the RGIA were detained at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Saturday. The universities in which the said students had secured admission were blacklisted by American authorities. Students were unaware of this fact. It must be noted that following Paris attacks American authorities have tightened security and blacklisted two universities, Silicon Valley University and North Western Polytechnic University in America.

On Friday, December 18, 19 students arrived at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to fly for USA but they were not allowed to board the flight by immigration officials when they reached to obtain boarding pass. American government had already informed immigration offices and travel agents about the move but students were unaware of this. The students have student visa and Classes were to commence from January 4.

Restlessness prevailed among students as some other students who have already reached USA are being sent back with a fine of Rs. 25000. Officials of the American Consulate in Hyderabad have not given any immediate response to the events.

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