Thursday , August 24 2017
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Over 1,700 reverted to Islam in Dubai

Dubai: 1,751 residents and visitors embrace Islam at the Islamic Information Centre of Dar Al Ber Society and as many as 21 converts were prisoners from Dubai jails. The Society has also run a special ceremony for honouring the new convert prisoners.

The new entrants to Islam were from 46 Asian, African, Arab, European, American and Latin American countries.

According to a report published in khaleejtimes, Rashid Al Junaibi, manager of the centre said, 15 proficient scholars and preachers of the centre spare no effort to guide people to the right path by introducing and explaining the moderate, genuine and tolerant teachings of Islam by way of lectures and publications in over 20 languages.

“Over 2,000 lectures have been given in the nine-month span and more than 800,000 CDs, pamphlets, and brochures have been distributed at more than 50 venues at different government and private entities, shopping centres, metro stations, and other locations.”

“New Muslims go through many courses in Arabic language, Quran memorisation, prayers, pillars of Islam and faith, pre-marriage consultation, and stories of recent converts.”