Friday , July 21 2017
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13 year old Rape Victim Beheads the son of her Rapistz

Khair:As every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A 13 year old rape victim beheads the 5 year old son of the man who raped her in an act of taking revenge on him.

The incident took place in Khair of Uttar Pradesh. The boy was identified as Amit who was five years old. The girl took the boy in an isolated place and chopped his head off, smashed his body with bricks, wrapped in a polythene bag and set ablaze to him.

This shocking incident came into light when the stray dogs dragged out the boy’s half-burnt body the next day.

The small girl is in the custody of police. When the boy’s parents told that he was last seen with the girl. “She killed the boy because his father Rinku, who is a labourer, had raped her after giving her a whitener, to which she is addicted. The girl’s father has also lodged an FIR of rape against Rinku, who has been taken into custody for investigation after recording the victim’s statement”.said
Cases were registered against the girl and her rapist, Rinku.