Thursday , May 25 2017
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12% reservations guarantee bright future for Muslim youths – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: 12% reservations for Muslims can guarantee prosperity in the families of Muslim youths. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily at a meeting held at Shamsabad yesterday. Mr. Amer Ali Khan has been touring the districts of Telangana to create awareness among the Muslims and to intensify the campaign for 12% reservations.

Addressing the gathering of Intellectuals, teachers, religious leaders and students, he said that after the independence of India, everything was taken away from the Muslims but we were under the intoxication of Muslim kingdom. He lamented that the Muslims have become more backward than the depressed classes. There is no choice left for the Muslims except to struggle. 12% reservation for Muslims is a golden opportunity. Muslims should therefore intensify this campaign. He appealed to all the poor and depressed sections of society to come forward for supporting this movement. This campaign will provide the best opportunity to present the real aspect of Islam which will become the source of getting our rights.

Mr. Amer Khan told that Muslims are not hopeful about getting reservation from the Central Govt. It is the duty of the Muslims to exert pressure on TRS Govt. in a democratic way to ensure 12% reservation.

He applauded the announcement of the CM for 12% reservations made on the floor of Assembly and also the resolution passed. However he expressed his dissatisfaction for referring the matter of reservations to Central Govt. He stressed the need for the Govt. to constitute BCs Commission in order to provide reservations. He told the Muslim community to get united rising above sectarian, political and ideological differences and also to increase the submission of memoranda. The Muslims should seriously consider what should have been our status in the State and in the country. At the time of Indian independence, our percentage in Govt. jobs was 40 which has now been reduced to 2%. If 12% reservations are provided to Muslims, they would get 12000 Govt. jobs which would be the source of prosperity to Muslim families.

Mr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shareef, in his presidential speech told that this campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily is neither against the TRS Govt. nor the Congress party. He supported this campaign and thanked Mr. Zahid Ali Khan for initiating it. Mr. Mohammed Yousuf Ali Khan conducted the meeting.

–Siasat News