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12% reservation inevitable for the development of Muslims – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR had certainly made a promise to the Muslims that he would provide 12% reservation to them but the Muslims kept quiet for 14 months and did not remind him for fulfilling his promise. Muslims are also responsible for not getting 12% reservations. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing a meeting at Yella Reddy in Nizamabad District which was convened for creating awareness for 12% reservations. He told that by providing 12% reservations, at least 18000 Muslim families would improve their economic conditions. In this manner, 25000 Muslim students would get admissions in professional colleges.


Quoting the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that if a Muslim selflessly praise for the benefit of other Muslims, two lakh angels pray for him. Siasat Urdu Daily launched the movement for 12% reservation for Muslims with this intention. He said that if Muslims struggle jointly, reservations could be obtained. It is not within the power of one Amer Ali Khan.


He told that he can visit Yella Reddy and can create awareness among the people. This is all he can do and nothing more than that. Reservations could be obtained only with the struggles of the people. He appealed to the people to associate themselves rising above their political or religious and sectarian affiliations. Only then, success could be achieved. If the Muslims abandon lighting and whitewashing of the graveyards and mosques and demand the Govt. to provide and jobs, only then Muslim community can prosper.


Citing the statistics, Mr. Amer Ali told that there are 41 lakh graduates among the SCs whereas there are only 29 lakh Muslim graduates.  It only shows that we are more backward than SCs. All the Muslims who had lands and gardens are now standing in queues in front of ration shops. If the backwardness of the Muslims is to be eradicated, we should struggle for 12% reservations. The Key issue of 12% reservations for Muslims has been the formation of BCs Commission right from the beginning. All the Muslims jointly should demand the Govt. to constitute BCs Commission so that reservations could be obtained without any legal complications.


Giving an example of training, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that if a child is trained to catch a fish instead of teaching him how to eat it, he can make his future brighter. Such training programs are essential.


Mr. Shaik Ghyasuddin, in his presidential speech congratulated Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily who is the spirit behind this campaign and said that despite his busy schedule of engagement, he is visiting all the districts of Telangana to create awareness for this purpose. By organizing rallies, meeting and discussions, he is making an attempt to communicate the sentiments of the Muslims to the Govt. and also struggling to bring unity among the Muslims.


Mr. Mohammed Farooq, President of Nagi Reddypet Mosque told that 12% reservation is the right of the Muslims. Mr. Aijaz Ahmed Masroor Hashmi told that reservations are being demanded right from 1902 but every political party exploited the Muslims as their vote banks. Awareness has been created among the Muslims. This campaign is for the benefit of Muslims. Mr. Gulam Shabbeer Ali Sabeeri, Senior Journalist told that Siasat is not only an Urdu Daily but it is doing a lot of social service to the community. Mr. Amer Ali Khan has taken up the cause of Muslim for getting 12% reservations. The backwardness of the Muslims has been exposed by Sachar Committee and Mishra Commission. He appealed to the Govt. to provide 12% reservation for Muslims. Mr. Khaja Qutubuddin and Mr. Mohammed Yousuf Ali conducted the meeting.



–Siasat News