Saturday , May 27 2017
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12% reservation campaign for Muslims would continue till the formation of BCs Commission – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu and Mr. Mohammed Khaja Fakhruddin, Chairman of Telangana Congress Committee’s Minorities Department offered juice to the protestors in Khammam District to end their 15-day hunger strike. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that the campaign launched by Siasat Urdu Daily for providing 12% reservation for Muslims is successful since there are positive indications from the Govt. of Telangana. He further told that this struggle would continue till the formation of BCs Commission.


It may be noted that the people of Khammam District had started relay hunger strike on 28th November which ended yesterday. Mr. Mohammed Assad, Chairman of Muslim Rights Protection Committee presided over the valedictory function. Mr. Amer Ali Khan thanked all those who made this program a success. He further told that it is a non-political campaign of the Muslims. It started with a few persons but now it has been transformed into a mass public movement. He told the Muslims that in whatever political party they are in, they should fight for the cause of Muslims and to communicate the sentiments of the community to the Govt. in a democratic way. He informed that Govt. of Telangana notified several vacancies. He demanded that Govt. should constitute BCs Commission without any delay. He mentioned the efforts of Siasat Urdu Daily for helping the community. He also told that due to the physical training imparted by Siasat Urdu Daily, 940 Muslim youths were selected in Police Department. He offered to organize similar training classes in Khammam also.


Mr. Mohammed Khaja Fakhuruddin told that the services rendered by Siasat Urdu Daily are laudable. He told that Mr. Amer Ali Khan is visiting various districts of Telangana to muster support for 12% reservation campaign for Muslims. He is also exerting his pressure on the Govt. to fulfill its election promise. He pointed out that during the 18 month tenure of TRS, 31 Engineering Colleges and 13 Pharmacy Colleges managed by Minorities have been closed down. If 12% reservation is not given to Muslim students, they would be deprived of more than 2000 seats in professional colleges.  He congratulated the citizens of Khammam District for organizing relay hunger strike.


Mr. Mohammed Asad lamented that even after the lapse of 18 months TRS Govt. did not fulfill its election promise. He also told that there is no legal sanctity of Sudheer Committee. He pointed out that a person opposed to Muslim reservations has been appointed as Advocate General.


–Siasat News