Thursday , August 24 2017
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1.20 lakh officials punished for violating Xi’s campaign

Over 22,000 officials have been punished in China for violating the austerity drive launched by President Xi Jinping, taking the total number of officials disciplined from 2012 to over 1.20 lakhs.

The officials, including both high-ranking officials and lowly bureaucrats, were involved in 16,761 cases, the Central Commission for Discipline and Inspection of the Communist Party of China said in a statement.

The austerity drive aims to reduce bureaucracy, extravagance, and undesirable work habits.

In 2014, 71,000 officials were subject to disciplinary action for breaking frugality rules.

Violations, however, continue to occur, with officials still using government vehicles for personal errands, as well as issuing unauthorised subsidies, and holding extravagant receptions, weddings and funerals, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

Also thousands of officials in the party and the military were punished in anti-corruption drive launched by Xi after he took over power in 2013.